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Information about camp!

In this camp we provide and safe,fun and educational enviroment for kids. We have people from America attend our camp and teach our english classes. Also this is a christian camp over here our focus is to lead the kids into the right direction to achieve there best potenial. Kids from 11-15 years old are applicable for this camp. Over here at "I'm a fan" we gurantee that your kids we have some knowledge and experience of english speaking and grammar also they will get to exprience a difffernce a culture withe the American.

About Petya


All the data is ensripted into the cloud. All information about the students that attend the camp is aviable for our coder to see and is store on the cloud.


To keep this site secure we have created a qr code to acces our site. The pictures of this code is posted around the camp site.

Science Behind It

We use mordern software and techonolgies to contian this virus.Only our proffesional coder are the only ones that can help if the virus is unstablized

Secret Service

Over here we maintain the virus "Petya" so it wouldn't put your data at risk. Our tech team has put alot of hours in to stablize the virus